Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

It's my favorite day!  Happy 4th of July, loved ones! (especially sisters!)
I have long loved this day, for a slew of reasons not pertaining to patriotism, like sweaty heat, good food, family, and fireworks that both remind you how tiny you are and make it easy to fall in love.  After this year, I will still love it for all my usual reasons, but also because I love and appreciate my motherland in ways I didn't know about before.

Wednesday, Liz put her fourth visitor on plane back to the States. As she was opening her fourth letter of the week last night, I realized how well connected she has stayed.  Four letters in one week? Really?

I got a little jealous.

But I have a guest coming, too....  And not just any guest.

Let the Dana countdown begin!!!