Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh yeah, I have a blog.

Hello loved ones!

Very low key week here in the south.  I toured an ethanol production facility yesterday with my Agricultura Especial class, but haven't uploaded pictures, yet.  Instead, you get a crock-pot-soup of pictures from the previous three or four weeks.  I'll post more about the ethanol later.

...Serious business.  It's for a grade.

A giant emu!  And I saw some in the wild yesterday, grazing* in the passing field. 
We were on the bus, and Felipe leaned over and said, "Look at that bird.  Have you seen one before?"
"Oh, yeah, my family has one for a pet."
"No, not the parrot. The big bird, in the field."
"Yeah, I know.  We have one.  His name is Lyle."
He gives me his oh-so-familiar stare of confusion.
"This is crazy..." 
*grazing? hmm, not sure....  

Well, I think this is crazy.
That's right, folks.
Right on the bark.

Professor Daudt's winery and vineyard.

Surveying during prĂ¡tica.

More later.