Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I'm putting up pictures from a trip I just went on.  Down to Uruguay, over to the ocean, then up to wine country.  Cities, beaches, national forests, vineyards, and beautiful high plains.  I love this state.  Arguably, the second best state in the world. At least in my opinion.

First up, Rivera.  Ah, border towns: delightfully overwhelming Americans, the world over.  I got some cheap boots.  And met a yarn lady.  Score.
We stayed in a hotel, ran by Jorginho, and shared a bathroom with construction workers.

Next up, Pelotas.  Incredible architecture, gross city.  We went to a circus in the middle of town that featured a dance chorus full of leathery grandmas and a motorcycle in a tracked cage. And the knife thrower... oooo, don't get me started.  The poor grandma/showgirl that had to be subjected to that act was soooo not into it.  I got the impression he'd jacked up before...The bigtop had the seating capacity for about two hundred, but only brought in about twenty-five. 

oo.  heeby jeebies.
In an amusing kind of way, of course.

The beach at Pelotas was equally dirty, but there were many nice beaches to come, and I took that time to practice driving the rental car on sand.

This is a capybara, the largest roaming rodent on present-day earth.  He made noises like a guinea pig and let me pet him.  Fun fact: they eat their own feces to get maximum absorption of nutrients.

Hey... What the.....
-Canela, RS

And last but not least-
I couldn't forget May Day!