Monday, June 6, 2011

Curitiba and Ilha do Mel

It seems like things just get better here.

I went to the city of Curitiba last week, with all of its urban bike trails and good music, and then to Ilha do Mel on the Parana coast.  I don't even know where to begin.  Liz found a couple couches for us to sleep on in Curitiba. Our host was Emi, and she was such a fantastic tour guide. We went for bike rides in the city, and ate really yummy Japanese food, and did Tai Chi in the mornings.

Oooo, and her family had homemade apiaries!

Then, Nathan Money flew into town and the three of us caught a train to the coast.  We hired a fishing boat for ten reais a piece to take us to Ilha do Mel.  The boatride took two hours and we got to sit back and relax with our caiprinhas. On the way, we met up with some Brits, a Frenchie, and an Alemão.  We had good company, good food, good sunshine. 

I do not have the time to write this story right now, and do it justice.  The island was absolutely magical. No cars, no streets or streetlights, no TVs. Just sand and rainforest and stars. And midnight dance parties in the surf.   

I have been experiencing withdrawls for the last week.