Monday, March 21, 2011

From my apartment balcony, a vast sea of concrete is all that is visible.

I have never lived in a place like this before.

Yesterday, I went for a much needed walk in the woods.  I found some grass. And a bunch of weeds that I knew the scientific names for.  I found a lime tree.  And a guava tree.  And an avocado tree.  It was heartlifting, to say the least.

Today, our Kansas State Distinguished Professor Dr. Chuck Rice will be giving his first of many lectures here at UFSM.  He is here during K-State's spring break, and I am looking forward to the class, which addresses connections between agriculture and climate change, and potential areas for improvements.

Dad has mailed me a box of things a few days ago.  When I told him to just ship it the cheapest way, he replied, "Well, we'll see what Joe says."  And I thought 'Yeah, Joe! I miss Joe.'  I think when you miss the postman, its a sure indication that you are experiencing bit of homesickness....

On the flip side,  I had the sweetest mango of my life for breakfast this morning.  And that was nice.